Is the freshness of our products guaranteed ?
Yes, we respect the cold chains. We are daily supplied with fruits, vegetables, meat, fish, dairy products and other fresh products. All our products are stored in refrigerators. You will receive only the best quality, as in your usual supermarket.
Deliveries are performed with vans with refrigerated compartment.

If you ordered fresh products (milk products, meat & hellip, etc...) knowing that you will not be at home during a few hours for the reception of your order, you can opt for an isolation box against the payment of a deposit of 29 € + 1 € usage fees. Caution : the isolation box is not able to keep the deep frozen products fresh. A presence of the customer at home is absolutely necessary. The customer will return this isolation box to the driver on his next purchase. The advanced deposit will be credited to his online account at luxcaddy.lu and deducted from a future purchase (or repaid in accordance with him). If you return a damaged box, your deposit will not be reimbursed.

Please note that an isolation box is not required if you are at home for the delivery as all deliveries are made with refrigerated vans. Caution : coolboxes are only available when ordering fresh products.

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